Dirac Monopoles (2014)

∇ · B* ≠ 0. paper

APS Prize for a Faculty Member for Research
in an Undergraduate Institution (2012)

What on Earth am I wearing?

Senior Assembly (2011)

Never been so nervous in my life. text | audio

Vortex Dynamics (2010)

Interacting quantum whirlpools. paper

BEC Apparatus (2008)


BEC Apparatus (2007)

Yes, that is sewer pipe used as coil forms.

Apparatus (2006)

After addition of the optical trap.

BEC Apparatus (2004)


BEC Apparatus (2002)

Amazingly, the core apparatus originally fit on a 4'x8' table!

First Bose-Einstein Condensate (2002)

Focusing on the matter.

BEC Apparatus (2001)

Under construction ...

MOT (2001)

Trapped atoms ...

PS196 (1996)

LHe fill, LEAR, CERN.